Let's paint the world, one pattern at the time!

I evoque emotions in bold earthy colors, textures or with just black and white shapes in every illustration and surface design I make.

With the perfect imperfect nature, whimsical flowers and foliage, furry and feathered friends I can surround you with strong though playful, warm to fuzzy feelings.

I'm Florina Georgescu.

Illustrator and pattern designer.

Hey there, I'm Florina – a 39-year-old part-time surface pattern illustrator based in sunny Spain. By day, I'm an industrial engineer at a multinational company, and by night (or whenever creativity strikes), I dive into the world of illustration.

Why juggle two worlds, you might wonder? Well, I've got a thing for challenges and a love for embracing the unexpected. While I adore my role as an industrial engineer, it's the art of drawing that sets my soul on fire. Nature's my muse – from delicate flowers to charismatic animals, I translate their beauty onto my canvas.

Geeky and tech-savvy, I've managed to turn my artistic passion into a reality. In less than a year, I mastered the ins and outs of illustration software like Adobe, Affinity, and Procreate. Trust me, I can go on for hours in the digital realm, crafting intricate patterns that come alive on the screen.

But wait, there's more to me than meets the eye. Once a month, I'm part of a vibrant group that gathers in a Botanical Garden, armed with traditional art supplies like watercolors. It's like a book club, but instead of pages, we paint our stories. And just like that, I'm weaving my dream – a dream where I can inspire, share, and nurture the love of pattern design.

Mother of two and an expat, I was born in Romania and now call Spain home. My heart speaks many languages: English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Italian – connecting people and cultures is my thing. It's this blend of experiences that fuels my unique perspective as an illustrator.

My aspiration? License my artwork and to build a community around pattern design. I dream of the day when I can share my journey, guiding newcomers through their first pattern designs and helping them find their creative voices. Whether you're an aspiring illustrator or just someone who appreciates the beauty of art, I invite you to join me on this colorful adventure.

So, welcome to my world – where passion meets determination, where tech and art intertwine, and where every stroke of the brush tells a story. Let's paint the world, one pattern at a time!

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